The RISE touring ski line introduces six technically sophisticated models for ski tourers. During the development phase, the focus was on achieving a combination of light weight, efficient and flexible handling during ascent as well as reliable downhill performance with high radius variability.

Rise Up 82 and Rise Above 88 and the women's variants, Rise Up 82 W and Rise Above 88 W, are four technically touring skis that set new standards in terms of dynamic development and radius variability thanks to the 3D radius sidecut.

The new Rise Beyond 96 will join the touring ski line in the 2021/22 season. With its light weight and reliable downhill performance, it will fit right into the versatile, technically sophisticated Rise range. As the successor to the Rise Beyond 98, this new ski will appeal especially to downhill-oriented all-round touring skiers.

The Rise Beyond 96 weighs only 1320g (@177cm) and 1262g (@170cm), 100 g less per ski than its predecessor Rise Beyond 98, making ascents easier in any terrain.

With a waist width of 96 mm, it takes its place as the widest of the six skis in the line and its tip rocker provides fantastic flotation in deep snow.


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