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The emerging category of lighter weight Playful Freeride skis ushers in a new era for skiers seeking lively, lightweight products with easy all-day handling in a wide variety of snow conditions. These are riders who constantly look for alternative terrain, either adjacent to the groomers or adjacent to the resort. The all-new Blaze series provides an off-piste feel for intuitive skiers who enjoy short turns, offering one of the lightest freeride skis in its class.  

Blaze 94 and 106 (men) and 94W and 106W (women) are all designed to give the skier maximum support in short turns, and initiate turns more easily than a comparable Titanal ski. All at a weight of only 1546 g (Blaze 94), 1772 g (Blaze 106), 1427 g (Blaze 94W), and 1569 g (Blaze 106W), which not only contributes to the maneuverability of this new ski category, but also facilitates uphill travel should the skier want to put on skins to seek even better conditions. Power transmission and ressilience are as just like what all skiers expect.

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The manoeuvrable, lightweight Blaze is all about capturing that pure off-piste feeling – which is why it appeals so much to intuitive freeriders who place special value on manoeuvrability and agility for winding powder descents. The two new models, with their narrower waist width and exceptional weight-performance ratio, expand the Blaze family to encompass two new skis designed not only for off-piste use, but for riding the piste as well.

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Lightweight, easy-handling all mountain skiing.

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Lightweight, easy-handling all mountain skiing.

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To achieve the appropriate agility and reliability, Titanal is only incorporated in the Blaze under the binding in the form of a 0.3 mm thin Titanal Binding Platform, which supports direct power transmission and a rapid build-up of pressure going from turn to turn. This gives the skis a precise response at the start of the turn. Instead, Titanal is not included in the tips and tails of the ski in order to achieve the desired liveliness and flex. In narrow gullies and on rough terrain, skiers benefit from the ski's faster and more direct reaction - with less effort than would be expected from a Titanal ski.


The Suspension Tip, which makes its debut on the Blaze, also ensures smooth turn initiation and good handling, especially in challenging and variable snow conditions. The insert made of elastic TPU material on the edges of the tip and tail acts like a bumper at the point of the ski which first comes into contact with the snow in wind-blown or tracked snow. Its shock-absorbing elasticity ensures better stability and catch-free float.


In addition, the 3D Radius Sidecut contributes significantly to the ski's great agility and maneuverability and is responsible for its short-turn prowess. Völkl has set an absolute benchmark in terms of the variability of turn radii and the combination of easy handling and stability. A tight radius in the cambered area of mid-body provides marked support for relaxed skiing and liveliness in short turns. At the same time, the very large radius maintained in the tip and tail rocker areas makes the skis much more stable than would be possible with a short-turn sidecut over the entire length of the ski.


The ultralight Tip-to-Tail Woodcore is not only glued together by a complex combination of very light and resilient wood types, but also extends over the entire length of the skis up to the point where tip and tail bend upwards, giving them a great combination of liveliness and low weight. For those who want to use Blaze as a touring ski, its minimal weight ensures an efficient ascent.  

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