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    FLAIR 72 2023

    A ski for the fun-loving woman who is newly excited about skiing and wants the right tool to help begin her adventures as a real skier.


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    The joy a new skier feels cruising the slopes is the same exact joy a pro feels while ripping the steeps, and the Flair 72 keeps that truth in mind. At 72mm wide underfoot, the Flair 72 is a beginner ski focused on easy handling and support. The tip rocker not only makes for seamless turn initiation, it also allows the skier to more easily drift, slide, and pivot as they master their downhill skills. The Composite Core provides a soft, smooth flex, and the Center Sidewall reduces weight while keeping stability in the middle of the ski. For added riding comfort, the vMotion10 Binding delivers a comfortable connection with the snow and is compatible with GripWalk soles — a rubbery sole on many boots or added to boots that makes walking easier and more enjoyable. The Flair 72s are the perfect companion to begin a life long love affair with skiing.

    R1-Tip, R2-Waist, R3-Tail
    With Binding
    137(R1) 0, (R2) 9.4, (R3) 0123_72_1042120 g
    144(R1) 0, (R2) 10.1, (R3) 0123_72_1042250 g
    151(R1) 0, (R2) 11.4, (R3) 0123_72_1042340 g
    158(R1) 0, (R2) 12.7, (R3) 0123_72_1042450 g
    165(R1) 0, (R2) 14, (R3) 0123_72_1042530 g


    165, 158, 151, 144, 137,


    All Mountain




    Tip Rocker


    Composite Core


    P-Tex 2100




    Women's ,

    Skiing Level

    Beginner ,

    Included Binding

    vMotion 10 GW ,

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    best for all mountain
    best for piste
    best for moguls