The Racetiger with new geometry and great riding comfort for fast slalom turns on the edge


You prefer sharp turns, always at your pace, preferably on the edge. When you look back, your line shows tight to medium radii. You simply have the most fun on groomed slopes because this is the place to go wild. Wild and fast. Then this is your ski! The Racetiger SC with Titanal strip and tailored, this year slightly wider carbon shovel impresses with its extreme turning ability, yet it can still be skied extremely smooth and balanced. Of course, the Racetiger SC requires a certain level of experience, but it is a slalom ski with a wide range of use and surprisingly effortless to ride for sporty skiers. It provides lots of control at the limit, but you can just as easily slow down whenever you feel like going a little smoother. Pleasure skiing at its best! The Tailored Carbon Tips on the Racetiger models reduce the amount of force required, especially when entering the turn. The additionally integrated carbon strips direct the power exactly to where it is needed. This ensures constant agility and drift qualities. In addition, the titanal band provides the necessary smoothness. In short, the new Racetiger has become sportier. The new shape is more balanced, but the narrower center width compared to last year's model allows for faster edge changes and a generally more dynamic riding style.