v werks hero



More performance AND less weight? Impossible. Right? No, it‘s not! And the exclusive  V.WERKS High Tech line delivers the best proof to the contrary. It demonstrates in impressive fashion just what technology can achieve right now.

This custom series focuses on revolutionary designs that trim every possible gram, which means exclusive use of expensive materials like carbon, aramids and Titanal. Trailblazing engineering and cutting-edge production methods together result in an extremely lightweight ski brimming with world-class performance capabilities without sacrificing even a hint of stability or durability. The construction and ultra-flat design translates into a fantastic edge grip and lightning-fast responsiveness, so there are absolutely no limits placed on highly athletic, varied skiing.

V.WERKS technology and the revolutionary 3D.Ridge construction are features unique to VÖLKL and found nowhere else in series production – with Made in Germany quality! It makes all V.WERKS models into lightweight high-performance skis that catapult dedicated skiers to the next level.
V-WERKS by VÖLKL – Engineered and handcrafted in Germany!