The woodcore was and always will be the heart of every ski and a decisive factor to determine flex and power transfer. Other ski attributes like torsional stiffness or dampening are affected by various components such as titanium layers.


Titanal is an isotropic high-tech aluminium alloy that delivers smoothness, great dampening, direct power transfer and stability, resulting in a very powerful and precise ski. The alloy is placed inside the ski in various positions and layers as required according to its desired ride characteristics.

Especially race models or high energy all mountain skis benefit from the increased used of Titanal by keeping the ski stable at high speeds and providing precise responsiveness for the experienced skier.

The material is placed only partially and at very specific areas on the ski in order to create the desired advantage. In contrast, on very light-weight touring skis or playful freestyle skis you will usually not find any Titanal to keep the weight as low and the ride quality as loose as possible.

Full Titanal

Titanal is used all over the ski, when stability and ultraprecise reaction at the highest speed are the top priorities. This construction is mostly used for racing and high-end All Mountain models.


The wider the ski, the more Titanal has to be included for a full coverage and the more you will notice its influence. But  with wider freeskis an all-over usage of Titanal creates an unwanted stiffening of the ski. Therefore Völkl only includes partial Titanal in all Freeride All Mountain models to benefit from its benefits without any unwanted side effects.

This form of construction comes in different variations in order to emphasize the specific characteristics needed for the respective target group. Contrary to Full Titanal constructions they all have one thing in common: Titanal is only used in the dedicated areas of the ski that increase the desired riding characteristics. This also saves weight and improves the ski’s agility.

Full Titanal

The titanal is placed in a full sheet in the ski with mostly 0,7 mm thickness. As a general rule there are two titanal belts integrated in the ski, one above and one below the woodcore. This is the typical race ski construction and it is used for all of Völkl’s top Racetiger and Deacon models and it is optimized for hard and icy on-piste conditions.

Full Titanal offers the most uncompromising edge grip on hard, icy slopes, the most direct power transmission, and in combination with the UVO it provides the most efficient dampening. The result is an extraprecise transfer of the skier’s movements and incredible high speed stability even in hard snow conditions. The extra powerful Full Titanal construction is more demanding of the skier, requiring deliberate input and precise steering skills.

Racetiger WC, Racetiger FIS, Racetiger FIS Junior, Racetiger GS / SL and Deacon 76 / 74

Titanal Frame

The Titanal Frame with a thickness of 0,7 mm is integrated along the sidewall and into tip and tail area of the ski. This way the ski provides the stability and dampening that every experienced skier expects, at the most critical spots on the tip and tail of the ski. A second thinner Titanal layer (0,3 mm) under the binding delivers the necessary strength to the ski. This way the binding screws offer the most reliable hold even in the toughest conditions and the super thin sheet  allows a soft flex in the mid-body. Due to this highly complex construction skiers experience a previously unknown combination of liveliness and high speed stability.

For very sportive skis, middle to larger width, optimized for the usage in changing or deep snow conditions. (Mantra 102 & M5, Kendo 92 & 88, Secret 102 & 92, Kenja 88, Deacon 84)

Titanal Band

This construction features a Titanal strip, which runs in the center of the ski from tip to tail. This maintains the overall stiffness as well as keeping the weight as low as possible. The Titanal provides a reliable and stable ride quality.

The skier benefits from a balanced mix of smoothness and liveliness. Völkl uses this setup especially for extra wide free ride skis like the Confession but also for medium width skis like the Kanjo or the Yumi.